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Heaven & Earth Floral, Inc. offers a 24-HOUR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE. We stand behind our flowers, plants and/or flower arrangements if notified within 24 hours after completion of the delivery, for whatever reason within our control. If we make a mistake we will do what we can to make it right. Product will be replaced with similar product, when available.


We guarantee receipt of a delivery if product was left at the door. Our policy is to replace the item delivered, if it is lost.


No REFUNDS or RETURNS after completion of the delivery. No REFUNDS or RETURNS on any custom made floral design; No Refunds or Returns after delivery has been attempted. Our policy does not offer an exchange of product delivered for a different product.


Our Policy is it is the customer's responsibility to notify Heaven & Earth Floral, Inc. of specific flower colors, size of the arrangement, flower content, fragrance preferences, types of flowers, time of delivery, container style or style of arrangement. Kindly notify Heaven & Earth Floral, Inc. of these at the time the order is placed. Our Policy does not guarantee these, nor refund, for any specifics not told ahead of the delivery being completed.


Heaven & Earth Floral, Inc. reserves the right to make seasonal substitutions, substitutions based upon availability, color or type of flowers. Flowers are a natural product with supply varying by weather, quality, price, inventory, holiday or seasonal demand and availability, We guarantee the value of the substitutions to be of equal or greater value. Any images of flower arrangements found on-line are usually photo shopped images and do not depict real, hand made flower arrangements. There is no guarantee that our hand made floral design will match any photo image. Our policy is to NOT compare professional photo shopped images to amateur camera phone images.


Heaven & Earth Floral, Inc. can promise an AM or PM delivery when notification is given in advance. AM delivery is up to 12:59 pm. Specific timed deliveries – although we will try our best – cannot be guaranteed.

Heaven & Earth Floral does not grow any of the flowers we sell. We try our best to purchase fresh & quality product, from reputable sources, using the latest techniques & knowledge for the conditioning & storage of the fresh product. We can't always be sure of how the product will hold up in the following ways: if the flowers will drink up water, if they will open, how fast they open, or how long they will last. We cannot control these factors, nor can we control the conditions the product will be placed in after we have completed delivery. Please refer to our 24-Hour Unconditional Guarantee.


The customer pays for the first delivery or delivery attempt. Incorrect address information will lead to additional delivery charges. It is the store policy to leave the arrangement at the door if the driver feels the arrangement is safe and protected when no one answers the door. We try to leave voice messages whenever possible if we have missed a recipient. Our policy is to leave a door tag on the front door whenever we have missed a recipient or when we leave product at the door. If we have missed a recipient at the delivery location, it may be necessary for the recipient to pick up the arrangement in the store, if we're unable to return to that location.

Recipients in gated developments restrict our access to those neighborhoods; therefore we must receive permission ahead of time before we attempt deliveries to gated developments. Kindly notify the sales person who takes your order of any gated situations. This situation can and will affect the delivery outcome, and may lead to a delay in the delivery.


Online Orders – Flower Arrangements viewed online have been manipulated and photographed in a professional photography studio. The flowers are individually chosen for their full & optimum development, they are pinned and pointed to face the camera and are not the realistic nor natural positioning of the flowers for the casual observer. The flowers are all faced to one side and are not positioned for a side or rear view. The arrangement itself may even be photo-shopped onto the container. Heaven & Earth Floral, Inc. does not stock every flower found online everyday of the year. Products and flowers viewed online are only suggestions and are not always available. When placing the order in advance of the delivery date, special effort will be made to procure the necessary flowers, but there is no guarantee of their availability. Flowers are always subject to seasonal changes, quality & freshness, as well as supply variations. Certain flowers and colors are not always available year round. Due to these conditions, out of our control, it is our policy to substitute flowers, colors & types, as is necessary, while maintaining the overall design style.


Flower arranging is an art or craft of styling nature's most beautiful & fragile product with the complimentary types of flowers in an appropriate container and style of design, in a pleasing color harmony.


Please mention any specific directions to the salesperson so we may satisfy you. Service is the product we sell and we will never intentionally disappoint a customer.

Contacts – Heaven & Earth Floral, Inc. does not issue contracts. Every sale is an agreement to provide our service for your dollar with the above policies enforced.


Flower Gift Exchange — If a recipient of a gift ordered through our store is unhappy with what the customer has selected for them they may bring it in for an exchange within 24 hours of the completion of the delivery.

Any delivery outside a 5-mile radius of the store will be called ahead of delivery to assure the successful completion of the delivery, and that the driver has delivery access to the neighborhood and has the correct address information.


Wedding/Event — Custom arrangements or custom orders – such as, but not limited to weddings and parties, placed in advance, cannot be cancelled less than 10 days prior to the event date. Any deposits are fully refundable if no product has been specially purchased and cancellation is requested prior to the 10-day cut-off. If final payment is not received before the 10-day cut-off, Heaven & Earth Floral has the right to keep the deposit and will not complete the order. It is at the owner's discretion to apply late charges or accept final payment after the 10-day cut-off, and continue with the event order or if the deposit will not be refunded with no event flowers.

A sample centerpiece can be ordered for review when the deposit is made and the client makes a purchase for the sample.

After final payment is received, items can be added but no items may be deducted, rather we find use for the flowers in other areas. Last minute additions must be paid when they are ordered. There is no minimum time required to booking your wedding. We can accommodate any request, if the time and product is available. There are no refunds for wedding flowers.

A detailed summary is your option after a deposit has been received.

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